House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) suffered a humiliating setback on Wednesday night when the House formally passed a bill to create a commission to investigate the Capitol insurrection after Capitol Police shamed Republicans for failing to support it.

In the wake of McCarthy withdrawing his initial support for a bipartisan deal to create the independent January 6th commission to investigate the terrorist attack launched against the Capitol by hundreds of Trump supporters seeking to overthrow democracy, Capitol Police released a letter slamming Republicans for failing to support the officers who risked their lives to protect them that day even as those very same Republicans claim to support law enforcement.

“On Jan. 6 where some officers served their last day in the US Capitol Police uniform, and not by choice, we would hope that the Members whom we took an oath to protect, would at the very minimum, support an investigation to get to the bottom of EVERYONE responsible and hold then 100 percent accountable no matter the title or position they hold or held,” the letter said, suggesting that even some Republicans could be held liable for being involved in the insurrection.

The Capitol Police even called out Republican efforts to downplay the attack.

“It is inconceivable that some of the Members we protect would downplay the events of Jan. 6. Members’ safety was dependent upon the heroic actions of USCP,” the letter continued. “It is a privileged assumption for Members to have the point of view that ‘It wasn’t that bad.’ That privilege exists because the brave men and women of the USCP protected you, the Members.”

Here’s the full letter via Twitter, which has been verified by NBC:

And it appears the pressure worked because 35 Republicans in the House defied McCarthy by voting for the bill, which passed 252-175. All of the no votes were Republicans, further adding to the disgrace of the GOP and demonstrating that they are scared of what a full investigation would find.

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