According to Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), people mistakenly believe that he’s the “dumbest guy in Congress,” but that’s an incorrect impression because he tested “very well” on the SAT college entrance exam, though he failed to provide any proof of his assertion.

Speaking on the House floor Thursday, Gohmert attacked the U.S. Department of Education, claiming that American students scored higher on entrance exams before the Education Department was formed by Congress during the administration of President Jimmy Carter in 1979:

“When I took it, did very well. It got me into the honors program at [Texas] A&M. “I’m sure that shocks people that think I’m the dumbest guy in Congress.”

But as HuffPost notes, Gohmert’s accusation about test scores and the Department of Education isn’t factual:

“Average SAT scores began to flag in 1975, four years before the Education Department was created. The math/critical reading scores were 494/507 in 1978, the year before the department was created. Scores were 500/509 in 1985 and 1986, and 501/507 in 1987. Math scores have generally risen over the years to 2020, while critical reading has slipped over the same time. There’s no apparent correlation to when the Department of Education was created.”

As for why people would think Congressman Gohmert is stupid, consider these facts:

  • He claimed wearing a protective mask gave him COVID-19
  • He once said that caribou love to “date” on oil pipelines
  • He nominated Newt Gingrich to be Speaker of the House 13 years after Gingrich had left Congress

Gohmert also got brutally fact-checked (and trolled) on social media for his SAT lie:

Face it, Louie, you brought this one on yourself.

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