Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) shot his mouth off on Twitter again by promoting the Russian military and insulting the United States military, resulting in him getting humiliated in response.

It’s not enough that Cruz fled to Cancun as his constituents froze to death in Texas during a debilitating winter storm earlier this year. It’s not enough that he attended the Kentucky Derby even as he insisted that the GOP is the “blue-collar party.” It’s not enough that he doesn’t know what progress or the Green New Deal is. Now Cruz is attacking our military, the very men and women who keep him and more than 300 million Americans safe.

In a demonstration of just how Republicans really feel about our troops, Cruz suggested that Russia’s military is superior to ours because theirs is made of real manly men who are not “woke” or female.

It’s pretty damn insulting since our military is the best in the world and one of the most diverse. Also, because Russia is our enemy and has attacked our infrastructure and our elections repeatedly in recent years.

But Twitter users humiliated Cruz by reminding him that Donald Trump insulted his wife Heidi only to get on his knees for him instead of defending her honor.

As usual, Ted Cruz is a pathetic traitor. Texas should be ashamed.

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