Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is resorting to laughably accusing Democrats of being defenders of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in response to criticism of his disparaging remarks about the United States military earlier this week.

In a tweet, Cruz claimed that the Russian military is superior to our own because it’s not “woke” and is composed of just white men, comparing recruitment ads from both nations.

He would go on to claim that Democrats are trying to turn our military into a bunch of “pansies” in defense of his tweet, drawing a rebuke from Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.), who, unlike Cruz, actually served in the military.

Cruz literally promoted and praised the Russian military over our own, not a good look for a senator. Now he’s trying to convince everyone that he’s not a Russian puppet by insisting that Vladimir Putin is a communist dictator supported by Democrats. Seriously.

Of course, that’s nonsense. Putin is a right-wing nationalist and Republicans have been praising him for years, even yearning for the United States to be more like Russia. And let’s not forget that disgraced former President Donald Trump was, in many American’s eyes,  Putin’s loyal puppet. In fact, Trump more than cozied up to actual communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un and other brutal dictators.

Twitter users humiliated #KremlinCruz.

It’s like Ted Cruz enjoys being publicly humiliated.

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