Fox News is really desperate to paint President Joe Biden as uncaring about the coronavirus pandemic and how it all started, which is why Deputy White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had to put Peter Doocy in his place.

The pandemic has killed over 590,000 Americans all because disgraced former President Donald Trump and most Republicans refused to take it seriously. Even Fox News refused to take the virus seriously, choosing instead to amplify Trump’s endorsement of hydroxychloroquine as a “cure” while railing against masks and vaccinations which actually do work against coronavirus.

The network is also obsessed with the origins of the virus, insisting that it came from a lab in China without citing any evidence to prove such an accusation.

On Wednesday, Doocy stuck to the Fox News line and demanded to know if Biden will “do anything” about it.

“Just take a step back,” Doocy began. “Anything that kills 591,116 Americans, is that something that another nation, either was responsible or knew more than they were letting on like you said they weren’t letting the inspectors in, and that hurt the overall investigation forever. What would the President do? I mean, would he do anything?”

Just as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has repeatedly smacked down Doocy, Jean Pierre, who became the first LGBTQ American to deliver a press briefing, also schooled him.

“I mean he’s doing something right now,” Jean-Pierre pointed out.

In fact, Biden announced just hours earlier that he had ordered the intelligence community to investigate the origins of the virus. Apparently, Doocy must have missed that announcement. Beyond that, Biden has spent much of his time working to beat the pandemic by promoting vaccinations and mask use while signing legislation delivering financial relief to struggling Americans. Biden has also been rebuilding the pandemic response infrastructure that Trump dismantled.

Jean-Pierre went on to remind Doocy of what Biden has done and that patience is a virtue he could stand to learn.

“He’s been, he asked his team back in March, right to do, to do this, to look into this, look into the origins of the COVID-19, this is incredibly important,” Jean-Pierre said. “Like his statement says we need to find out how, where the COVID-19 originated from so this, the President has been very clear, he actually, you know, spoke out about this back in 2020. So this is not the first time we’ve heard his voice, his concern about the origins of COVID-19. So we’re just taking the next step, I’m just not going to prejudge. I’m not going to make a statement until, you know, until we know what happens after this 90-day review. Thanks.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Frankly, if Trump, the GOP, and Fox News had taken the virus seriously from the start there would not be 591,116 dead Americans. Regardless of where the virus came from, they allowed it to sweep across the country unchecked. They should all be held legally accountable for each and every one of those deaths.

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