QAnon Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Co.) dared to accuse President Joe Biden of not caring about the troops over Memorial Day weekend, and that was a BIG mistake that massively backfired.

Biden’s son Beau served in Iraq and died from brain cancer so he knows what it’s like to have a child in the military and to lose that child even though Beau did not die on a battlefield.

On Sunday, Biden not only visited his son’s grave, but he also attended church services and delivered remarks honoring fallen troops. And that’s on top of other Memorial Day activities.

Yet, Boebert had the gall to accuse Biden of ignoring the troops because he didn’t recognize a biker rally she supposedly took part in, even going so far as to outrageously claim that Biden isn’t doing events because there aren’t any young girls in attendance.

This was a lame and unfair attack that completely ignored reality since Biden did, in fact, honor our fallen troops and delivered heartfelt words to parents who have suffered the loss of their own child.

Twitter users took Boebert to task for that and reminded her that her own husband was arrested for exposing himself to underage girls. They also pointed out that disgraced former President Donald Trump has repeatedly disrespected the troops and has a history of sexual harassment and that Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) is being investigated for sex trafficking an underage girl.

Boebert and any Republican who uses the troops and Memorial Day to attack Biden should be forced to resign, especially since many of them aided and abetted an insurrection to overthrow our democracy back in January. Boebert herself live-tweeted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) location as Trump supporters stormed the Capitol looking for lawmakers to murder. By all rights, Boebert should be arrested for treason. She betrayed this country and every man and woman who wore or currently wears the uniform to defend it. She should be ashamed.

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