Fox News host Tucker Carlson had an interesting message for his viewers on Memorial Day: The U.S. military doesn’t always seem interested in protecting the American people and the country.

Mediate reports that Carlson was broadcasting from the set of “Tucker Carlson Today,” his show on the Fox Nation streaming service when he suddenly declared:

“So much has changed in the United States in the past year that it’s hard to keep track of it all. Public health experts have been exposed as frauds, as incompetent and dishonest. Our schools are openly teaching racism to our children. Our military, at times, does not seem interested in protecting the country. These are big changes with real ramifications.”

What in the world is that about? Granted, Carlson has been criticizing mask mandates since the COVID pandemic began and often attacks the American educational system, but since when is the military not protecting the country?

Carlson was immediately hit with a reality check on social media:

If Tucker doubts the loyalty and dedication of the American troops, maybe it’s time for him to move to Moscow and never return.

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