Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is absolutely outraged that Vice President Kamala Harris is getting more media attention than former first daughter Ivanka Trump, even though Ivanka was never elected to any position of power and Harris received more votes as a part of the Biden-Harris ticket than any woman in American history.

During an appearance on the Fox News show “Outnumbered,” McEnany whined about a new profile of VP Harris that appeared in Forbes and what the magazine dubbed “Kamalanomics,” which is a more inclusive view of economic policy that seeks to help those who have been economically and politically disenfranchised:

“Forbes has discovered a new philosophy, Kamalanomics, named after Kamala and it’s about propping up women small business owners.”

And then the comparisons between Harris and Ivanka began, with McEnany proving that she will gladly kiss the posterior of anyone with the last name of Trump:

“Interestingly though, we have someone who did just that. Ivanka Trump did just that, securing $1.5 billion in relief from the private sector for small businesses, $10 billion to CDFIs, which are banks that help minority and low-income communities. But I don’t remember the term Ivankanomics, do you Tomi?”

The notoriously dense Tomi Lahren, who was co-hosting with McEnany, replied:

“No not at all but again when Kamala says these things, she ‘eats no for breakfast’ I don’t expect anything different from her. As we’ve all said and we can all reiterate, we’ve expected her to do a lot more with this golden opportunity that she’s been given.”
What golden opportunity was Harris given? Being elected vice president? She earned that, unlike Lahren or McEnany, who have been handed everything on a silver platter and never been elected to anything.
As for Ivanka Trump, let’s not forget that this is the very same person who had her clothing line produced in sweatshops overseas and has seen her sales plummet to almost nothing. Ivanka has never accomplished anything other than trading on her name to rip people off, which she learned from her grifter daddy.
If Ivanka is so damn wise and accomplished, why are she and her brothers currently under criminal investigation in multiple jurisdictions? Thievery is nothing to be proud of, and it also happens to be illegal.

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