The federal investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has taken another turn as prosecutors now suspect that the Florida congressman may have attempted to obstruct justice, Politico reports:

“Federal prosecutors are examining whether Rep. Matt Gaetz obstructed justice during a phone call he had with a witness in the sex-crimes investigation of the Florida congressman, according to two sources familiar with the case.

“The witness in question was one of a handful of women who entered Gaetz’s orbit via his one-time ‘wingman,’ former Seminole County, Fla., tax collector Joel Greenberg, who pleaded guilty last month to a host of crimes, including sex-trafficking a 17-year-old in 2017.

“The obstruction inquiry stems from a phone call the witness had with Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend. At some point during the conversation, the ex-girlfriend patched Gaetz into the call, sources said. While it’s unknown exactly what was said, the discussion on that call is central to whether prosecutors can charge Gaetz with obstructing justice, which makes it illegal to suggest that a witness in a criminal case lie or give misleading testimony.”

The witness in question on the phone call later spoke with prosecutors.

Gaetz continues to insist that he has done nothing wrong or broken any laws, with a spokesperson for the congressman releasing a statement which reads:

“Congressman Gaetz pursues justice, he doesn’t obstruct it. The anonymous allegations have thus far amounted to lies, wrapped in leaks, rooted in an extortion plot by a former DOJ official. After two months, there is still not a single on-record accusation of misconduct, and now the ‘story’ is changing yet again.”

In recent weeks, Gaetz has attempted to change the subject from the charges he faces by going on a speaking tour with fellow right-wing Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). At one stop in Dalton, Georgia, he suggested that those who disagree with social media companies that have banned former President Donald Trump should take up arms:

“The internet’s hall monitors out in Silicon Valley, they think they can suppress us, discourage us. Well you know what? Silicon Valley can’t cancel this movement, or this rally, or this congressman. We have a Second Amendment in this country, and I think we have an obligation to use it.”

Featured Image Via NBC News