Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) accused Vice President Kamala Harris of running away from the border despite the fact that he literally ran away from Texas during a winter storm back in February.

Policies put in place by disgraced former President Donald Trump created a mess at the border that included thousands of children being taken away from their parents and locked in cages. Trump’s failure to properly process migrants seeking asylum also created an overflow. Republicans, of course, have tried to gin up the situation as if it’s a scandal to panic about.

Harris heads up the effort to fix border issues, with her focus being on dealing with the issues that cause migrants to come here in the first place. So far, her efforts are bearing fruit and the situation at the border is rapidly improving as kids are being reunited with their parents.

But Cruz wants us to believe Harris is scared of the border, so he used a Monty Python “run away” joke to attack her, completely oblivious to the irony since he literally fled Texas for Cancun during a deadly winter storm that knocked out electricity and killed at least 150 people with an estimated death toll being north of 500.

Twitter users were not amused.

It’s like Ted Cruz likes reminding us of how sh*tty a person he is. He should delete his Twitter account before he embarrasses himself even further.

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