Grant Woods, the former attorney general of Arizona, supported Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) when she ran for the Senate in 2018, but three years later, he admits he’s not pleased with her refusal to eliminate the filibuster so that voting rights legislation can be passed.

HuffPost reports that Woods is calling for Sinema to leave the Senate if she doesn’t vote to shelve the filibuster:

“On Friday, Woods was much less enthusiastic about Sinema in comments to HuffPost. He said he feels very strongly about passage of H.R. 1 ― Democrats’ For the People Act, a democracy reform and voting rights bill ― and believes the Senate must abolish the filibuster, which is something Sinema has said she is adamantly against. (Sinema is, however, a co-sponsor of the For the People Act.)

“’I do think that Sen. Sinema and every senator should support ending the filibuster for the voting rights bill,’ he said, adding, ‘To keep the Jim Crow filibuster while losing some of these basic voting rights that are central to our democracy is preposterous.'”

Woods also insisted that Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) needs to get over his stalling on the filibuster and do what needs to be done before Republicans in numerous states permanently rig elections in their favor:

“’Sen. Sinema should know that, so should Sen. Manchin,’ Woods said, referring to West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin, who also opposes removing the filibuster. ‘At the end of the day, I’m very hopeful that they’ll come around and do the right thing. But if they don’t, then I don’t think they belong in the Senate anymore.'”

The former Arizona AG also shared his thoughts on Twitter:

Woods is absolutely right: The filibuster has to be ended so that Democrats can get things done legislatively. Republicans wouldn’t hesitate to do the same, and it’s time Democrats play hardball.

Featured Image Via NBC News