Newsmax host Greg Kelly is facing a massive backlash for a series of tweets he posted (and later deleted) that celebrated being white and lauded white political figures for being “White, Like Me.”

According to Mediate, the tweets may have been an attempt a irony and humor, but they weren’t seen that way:

“The now-deleted tweets praised former President Bill Clinton and Defense Secretaries William Cohen and Les Aspin, who Kelly served in the Marine Corps under because he shared the same skin tone. Yes, he tweeted a number of ‘white, like me,’ messages that many understood to be racist, or at least, irresponsibly racialized.”

Newsmax was made aware of the tweets and issued a statement on them which reads:

“We understand a series of tweets were posted by Mr. Kelly today that, in their totality, indicated his opposition to racism. We at Newsmax never countenance the posting of racist views or views that appeal to racists. We are currently reviewing the matter.”

Kelly began his tweetstorm Sunday morning with this post:

He followed up with this:

And then we have the postings that Kelly later decided were way over the line and deleted. But the internet is forever as these screenshots prove:

Of course, Kelly denies he was saying anything racist, but if that’s the case, why did he feel a need to delete the tweets that started the firestorm around his postings?

Newsmax has one hell of a mess on their hands. Good thing no one with half a brain takes anything said on their “network” the least bit seriously.

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