Lara Trump, the daughter-in-law of disgraced former President Donald Trump, launched an offensive and totally outrageous attack on Vice President Kamala Harris this week that a journalist destroyed with a single point.

During a Fox News interview in which she also incited violence against migrants at the border, Lara Trump claimed that Harris isn’t qualified to be vice president and was only picked for the job because she’s a woman.

“I guess she assumed that she could just skirt by without doing anything,” Trump said. “We knew that Joe Biden was going to pick a woman as his running mate because all they do is virtue signal on the left, and this is the problem when that is your M.O. — when you actually don’t care about their qualifications or preparedness for a job.”

In reality, Harris has been a prosecutor, California Attorney General, and a United States Senator, which makes her more qualified for high office than any member of the Trump family, as Vanity Fair’s Bess Levin noted in a scathing response.

Something you may have picked up on between 2016 and 2020 is that Donald Trump was laughably unqualified to be president and didn’t get better as the years went on. In addition to having no prior relevant experience whatsoever upon entering the White House — weirdly, a failed line of steaks and vodka doesn’t count — he was almost defiantly ignorant about what the gig entailed and refused to educate himself in a way that would have benefited the country. So, it’s a little rich to hear a Trump family member claim someone — anyone! — currently working in the federal government doesn’t know what they’re doing. But hey, that’s them — i.e., the most un-self-aware people to walk the planet.

Indeed, Trump has been by far the most unqualified person to ever be president and it resulted in disaster for our nation, with over 600,000 dead because of the pandemic, a weak economy, and the near-end of democracy itself.

And considering that Lara Trump has never served in public office a day in her life, that makes her unqualified to even have an opinion on how Kamala Harris is doing her job.

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