In what may well wind up being the most absurd conspiracy theory yet regarding the 2020 election and the “big lie” that Donald Trump actually won (he didn’t), we have Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) angry with the Department of Justice for refusing to open an investigation into whether or not “Italian satellites” secretly shifted votes from Trump to President Joe Biden.

We know that then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows sent a video to the DOJ alleging that Italy had helped defeat Trump, as the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake notes:

“On Jan. 1, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows forwarded acting attorney general Jeffrey A. Rosen a YouTube video of a former intelligence officer named Brad Johnson detailing what has been dubbed the ‘Italygate’ conspiracy theory. (The New York Times reported some of the details of the correspondence last week. The video has been removed from YouTube for violating its community guidelines.)

“Rosen shared the email with acting deputy attorney general Richard Donoghue, who replied, in full, ‘Pure insanity.'”

Despite that, Jordan remains apoplectic about the matter, which led columnist Elizabeth Dye of Above the Law to chide the Ohio congressman for bringing up the already debunked claim at a House hearing earlier this week:

“To be clear, the Italygate theory is beyond batsh*t. It involves Barack Obama amassing a secret $400 million war chest, then cahootsing with former Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to disrupt vote tabulation in key swing states using Italian military satellites. And somehow this was all coordinated at the US Embassy in Rome, according to Brad Johnson, a self-described retired ‘CIA Station Chief’ and current Epoch Times columnist.”

Yep, you read that right: Jordan knows the claim of Italian satellites is complete nonsense, but he still brought it up at the hearing so he could relitigate a dead issue. Trump lost the election, and he lost it badly. But Jordan and his ilk are still harping on absurd claims of theft and skullduggery that have zero factual basis to them.

Here’s the thing Jordan and others like him should consider: The very same election they claim was “rigged” got them reelected to another term in office. How do they explain that anomaly?

They can’t explain it because it’s complete malarkey.

Featured Image Via NBC News