Former White House Press Secretary and Trump propagandist Sarah Huckabee Sanders now has a Democratic challenger in her bid to be the next Governor of Arkansas, and he just came out swinging in a new campaign ad.

Dr. Chris Jones is a physicist and an ordained minister, representing both the religious and scientific worlds. Huckabee Sanders, as we all know, pretends to be a Christian while denying science just like disgraced former President Donald Trump and many Republicans do these days.

Infamous for lying during press briefings before outright refusing to hold press briefings for months, Huckabee Sanders wants to be Arkansas governor just like her daddy Mike Huckabee was before he suicided his own career by joining Fox News and making lame unfunny “jokes” on Twitter.

Dr. Jones, whose family has lived in Arkansas for generations, is a strong candidate who recently introduced himself to Arkansas voters in a campaign ad that has Twitter buzzing.

In the ad, Dr. Jones talks about the concept of time and makes it clear that he intends to create a better future for Arkansas. He introduces his family and ends the ad by referencing the January 6th Capitol insurrection in which Trump supporters stormed the building to overthrow democracy, pointing out that such an act of violence takes America backwards to a bloody and divided past instead of striving for a better future. As a former Trump official, Huckabee Sanders is stained by the insurrection as well, especially since she continues to defend Trump.

Twitter users hailed Dr. Jones and his ad while observing that Sanders is no match for him.

Arkansas needs Dr. Jones as its governor. He cares about creating a better future for the state. Sanders only cares about herself and her allegiance to Trump. The choice for a growing number of voters is clear.

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