Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) posted a Father’s Day message on Twitter that totally backfired as Americans reminded him that he’s a sh*tty son and dad.

In all fairness, Cruz’s Father’s Day message was superior to disgraced former President Donald Trump’s, which featured him referring to his critics and political opponents as the “losers of the world.”

It also bested Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Co.), who used her Father’s Day message to insult women.

But Cruz’s message smacked of disingenuousness, especially since Cruz failed to defend his own dad after Trump smeared him on the campaign trail. Cruz also blamed his own daughters for his trip to Cancun during the deadly winter storm that hit Texas earlier this year. Twitter users did not let Cruz forget how he has treated his dad and daughters.

Ted Cruz is not only a terrible senator, he’s a terrible son and father. His daughters will be ashamed of him when they grow up if they aren’t already.

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