Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) couldn’t resist taking a cheap (and non-factual) shot at the Biden administration, but after White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki finished rebuking him on Twitter, he probably wished he’d kept his snarky comments to himself.

Jordan posted this from his Twitter account Monday:

What Congressman Jordan conveniently forgot to mention is why gas prices have spiked, Newsweek notes:

“In April 2020, as domestic and international travel plummeted in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported that gas prices dropped to a four-year low at roughly $1.87 a gallon on average. Fuel prices began to recover last May as people resumed travel in the summer months.”

In other words, it’s that most basic principle most of us learned in high school economics class: Supply and demand. When demand is low, supply is high, which drives down prices. When demand increases, prices rise in response.

Psaki’s response tweet to Jordan was nothing short of masterful:

Psaki got a standing ovation on social media for putting Jordan in his place. Jordan, on the other hand, only got more humiliation. Take a look:

Free advice for Jim Jordan: Stay off Twitter.

Featured Image Via Twitter