An attorney for one of the alleged Capitol rioters says her client is reformed because she now has a library card and watched “Schindler’s List.”

Heather Shaner represents Anna Morgan-Lloyd — who will be sentenced today in federal court — and was asked by CNN host John Berman why she had chosen to stress her client having watched the Academy Award-winning film by Steven Spielberg:

“What does that matter here?”

Shaner replied:

“What matters is from agreeing and being interested in getting a library card, reading books, taking civics courses online, Anna acknowledged both to herself and to the court that there was a lot to learn about her individual responsibility and the relationship between a citizen’s rights and a citizen’s responsibility.”

Berman then inquired:

“Was she suggesting that because she didn’t know enough about the Holocaust, that’s why she stormed the Capitol?”

The attorney responded:

“No, of course not. I presented Anna and a number of my clients with a book list and they could choose to read.

Shaner added that her client admits she was “uninformed and misinformed and that her presence at the Capitol possibly empowered others who had more intentional ideas about what they were doing to behave violently and that was never her intention.”

Uninformed and misinformed? Did Shaner’s client not understand that storming the Capitol while Congress was in joint session to certify the election of President Joe Biden was wrong and very likely illegal? And is Anna Morgan-Lloyd claiming that having a library card and watching a movie about the Holocaust has turned her into a new person? Or could it be the fear of prison that’s motivating her sudden turn away from her illegal actions?

Everyone makes mistakes in life, but for people who rioted at the seat of government to now assert that they’re someone magically reformed isn’t likely to impress a federal judge, and it most certainly shouldn’t.

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