President Joe Biden is a devout Catholic who regularly attends services, but Catholic bishops in the United States want to deny him communion because he’s a Democrat.

American bishops voted this week to change the rules regarding communion so that they can deny it to Biden in objection to his pro-choice views.

Biden, who is the second Roman Catholic to be president after John F. Kennedy, is apparently being politically targeted by the church. Even the Vatican has warned the bishops not to deny Biden communion.

But the move is especially hypocritical considering the Catholic Church coddled disgraced former President Donald Trump despite his extramarital affairs and vile behavior. It also praised former Attorney General Bill Barr despite his support of the death penalty. And let’s not forget former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who has also been married multiple times and has cheated on his wives.

None of them were ever denied communion, and these same bishops have protected pedophile priests for decades. So, this is clearly punishment for being a liberal. It’s a political statement and one that has drawn massive backlash.

Indeed, the bishops are hypocrites and it’s time for the Catholic Church to lose tax-exempt status. Catholic Church membership is already dropping to record lows, and these bishops are about to find out that liberals go to church, too. Because once they deny Biden communion, those liberals will no longer be in attendance.

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