Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) lied about voting rights on Twitter this week, only to get destroyed by a journalist and reminded that his district is horrendously gerrymandered to guarantee he’ll win elections.

As Democrats continue to push voting rights legislation that would reverse decades of voter suppression efforts by the GOP, Crenshaw listed what he referred to as “facts” in a post that has since been thoroughly torched.

The fact is that taxpayer-funded political campaigns even the playing field so one candidate cannot outspend another and would end dark money influence from wealthy individuals and corporations. Basically, the average American would have more of a voice in campaigns instead of that voice being drowned out.

Voter ID is about voter suppression because Republicans often make obtaining these IDs difficult by closing DMV offices or making them costly, which shuts out thousands of people, especially people of color, women, and the poor.

And the idea that Republicans want more transparent elections is laughable considering they literally want the power to overturn election results they don’t like.

Twitter users pointed out that Republicans had the chance to enact national Voter ID laws but blocked it because the IDs would be more accessible. They also noted that Crenshaw’s district is heavily gerrymandered.

Indeed, Georgia Republicans literally passed a Jim Crow law barring people standing in long lines from being given food and water

Michael Harriot of The Root, however, went even further and absolutely destroyed Crenshaw in a thread.

Republicans’ only objective is to make voting harder. They will clearly sink to any low to win their races and are even enabling future attempts to overthrow democracy if an election doesn’t go their way. They need to be stopped, and that’s why voting rights legislation needs to be passed.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons