QAnon Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Co.) claimed that President Joe Biden has been a “disaster” and that no liberals have praised him six months into his presidency. It was a big mistake.

Biden just announced a bipartisan infrastructure deal this week, something that disgraced former President Donald Trump merely talked about for four years but never got done. It’s just one of several achievements Biden has racked up since Inauguration Day, which also includes the massive COVID relief bill that brought economic help to millions of Americans, a vaccination rollout that has significantly cut down the number of coronavirus cases and deaths, Juneteenth finally becoming a national holiday, the unemployment rate dropping, and the stock market soaring.

All told, Biden is more successful in just six months than Trump ever was in four years. And Biden holds an approval rating over 50 percent. In fact, Fox News has Biden’s approval rating at 56 percent.

But Boebert thinks it’s a “disaster” because liberals are supposedly not praising him.

Unlike Trump, Biden doesn’t require daily praise from sycophants. However, Boebert’s tweet backfired because both Democrats and Republicans used the opportunity to praise Biden and tout his achievements.

One of the stupidest members of Congress just got owned again.

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