Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) said Sunday on CNN that he’s sick and tired of Republicans who continue to spread the “big lie” that President Joe Biden stole the election from former President Donald Trump, adding that Trump himself needs to face reality and admit he lost fair and square.

Making an appearance on “State of the Union,” Romney was asked by host Jake Tapper:

“Former president Trump had held a rally last night in Ohio targeted at a congressman, a Republican congressman who voted to impeach him. He kept pushing last night again the big lie that the 2020 election was rigged. This all comes as Arizona Republicans are completing their ridiculous partisan audit and other states are saying they will do the same and Bill Barr called it in the Atlantic magazine, pardon my French, ‘bullshit,’ from the former attorney general, a quote. Do these repeated lies about the election and whitewashing what happened January 6th, do you think it undermines American democracy? If so, do you think more of your Republican colleagues need to speak out?”

The senator responded:

“Well, I do think it’s important for each person to speak the truth and to make clear that the big lie is exactly that. I can tell you that it is surely being used around the world to minimize the support for democracy.”

Romney added:

“I think, frankly, Jake, a growing recognition in the U.S. is this is like WWF [World Wrestling Federation], that it’s entertaining, but it’s not real. And I know people want to say, yeah, they believe in the big lie in some cases, but I think people recognize it’s a lot of show and bombast but it’s going to nowhere. The election is over — it was fair.”

The Utah Republican then took direct aim at Trump, telling Tapper:

“Look, the president was crying foul on election night and actually before election night and the question is: what were his sources of information? Where did he hear that the election had been fraudulently carried out? Did he hear it from the Justice Department? No. Did he hear it from the intelligence community? No. So where did he hear it from? The MyPillow guy? Rudy Giuliani? What are their sources of information? It’s pretty clear the election was fair and not the outcome the president wanted, but let’s move on.”

It’s refreshing to hear a member of the GOP who isn’t delusional. Too bad some of Mitt Romney’s common sense doesn’t rub off on his brainwashed colleagues.