According to Fox News host Harris Faulkner, the collapse of a multi-story condo building in Surfside, Florida, last week that has claimed the lives of 12 people with at least 149 more still unaccounted for, is all part of “God’s plan” and is also the result of those who want to “defund the police.”

Just minutes after a press conference on Tuesday in which rescuers laid out the latest plan for rescuing those who are still missing in the collapse, Faulkner remarked:

“You can have all the rules and the codes but you have to have enforcement behind them. And I liken that to where we are with the defund the police conversation. It’s like, yeah, you can have all these laws but law enforcement without police doesn’t really count.”

Faulkner also said she believes more survivors will be found, although officials in Florida have been clear the possibility of such is fading by the hour:

“This is not hope against hope at every turn. This is hope backed up by faith backed up by facts.”

As the segment ended, Faulkner made her declaration about it all being part of God’s will:

“You just don’t know God’s plan.”

What Harris Faulkner conveniently neglected to mention is that the owners of the condo building were informed the structure needed tens of millions of dollars in repairs, according to CNN:

“Condo owners in the South Florida tower that collapsed last week were facing assessments for millions of dollars worth of repairs — with payments set to begin a week after the building’s deadly fall.

“The Champlain Towers South condo association approved a $15 million assessment in April to complete repairs required under the county’s 40-year recertification process, according to documents obtained by CNN.

“The documents show that more than two years after association members received a report about ‘major structural damage” in the building, they began the assessment process to pay for necessary repairs.'”

Fox has also failed to address the possibility that sea level rise caused by climate change may have been a contributing factor that cause the condo to collapse, Yahoo News first reported last week:

“From a geological standpoint, the base of South Florida’s barrier islands is porous limestone. As the oceans encroach on land due to sea level rise and the worsening of so-called king tides, groundwater is pushed up through the limestone, causing flooding. That brackish water, which regularly inundates underground parking garages in South Florida, can potentially lead to the deterioration of building foundations over time.”

Despite all of that evidence, we’re supposed to just blithely accept a supernatural explanation for a natural phenomenon? Leave it to Fox to lean on fairy tales instead of facts.

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