Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) tried to give disgraced former President Donald Trump the credit for a glowing new jobs report and Americans were having none of it on Twitter.

The economy added an astounding 850,000 jobs according to the June jobs report released on Friday, a sign that the United States is pulling out of the deep recession caused by Trump’s economic policies and the coronavirus pandemic.

But rather than give President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats the credit they deserve because they passed the American Jobs Plan several months ago, Grassley attempted to credit Trump and the 2017 tax cuts for the rich instead, all while insulting the dead.

Trump’s tax cuts were a complete failure and only benefited the rich. They had nothing to do with the current economic recovery and neither did Trump, whose reckless response to the pandemic, which killed 620,000 Americans, is what crashed our economy in the first place.

Twitter users ripped Grassley a new one.

Chuck Grassley can do all the lousy push-ups in front of voters that he wants to, this tweet demonstrates that he should retire from the Senate.

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