Disgraced former President Donald Trump’s business has been charged for committing tax crimes, and Eric Trump incriminated the company during a Fox News interview that prosecutors can now use against the Trump Organization.

It is strongly advisable that defendants in a criminal case remain silent, or at the very least avoid confirming the criminal behavior you have been accused of and charged for committing. But Eric Trump, often considered the dumbest Trump kid, appeared on Fox News to whine about the case against the company for which he serves as an executive, only to literally make the case for prosecutors.

According to the Huffington Post, Eric Trump “appeared on Fox News and railed against the district attorney’s office for focusing “on $3.5 million to take down a political opponent” when, he claimed, crime “is rampant” and people are leaving “dirty” and “disgusting” New York City “in record numbers.”

“I mean, this is what they do, this is New York state for you,” Trump claimed. “This is worse than a banana republic. It’s truly horrible.””

And that’s not all, Eric Trump also went on to claim that Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg was paid “employment perks,” which is illegal because it’s a way to evade paying taxes.

Here are the videos via Twitter:

Yeah, Eric Trump just incriminated his family and his family’s business on national television in a clip that prosecutors can use in court.

Twitter users mocked him for being such a dunce.

Eric Trump just admitted to committing crimes. It’s time for him to be indicted and arrested.

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