It probably sounded like a great idea to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) when the idea was pitched to her: Take part in a July Fourth parade in your district as a way to show your constituents that you’re back home and glad to see them again.

But the idea wound up resulting in complete humiliation for the freshman House Republican, especially when she tweeted out videos of her waving at the handful of people who turned out to catch a glimpse of her, with Mediaite noting:

“In the two clips that she tweeted, you can see some in the sparse crowd either not cheering or waving back to the intensely waving Greene, but some who actually stop celebrating the parade at the moment of seeing the congresswoman.”

Since Greene was kind enough to share the videos online, she got exactly what she deserved: Mockery galore that only served to compound her humiliation:

MTG should stick to gatherings where she’d actually be welcome. Like a Klan rally.

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