Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) has already betrayed her party, her constituents, and her supposed values by refusing to support ending the filibuster. And now she’s bragging about working with Senator Ted “Cancun” Cruz (R-Texas) on a weak infrastructure bill.

Sinema infamously brought a cake to the Senate and gave a thumbs down vote in opposition to raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour earlier this year. Sinema would go on to defend the filibuster, which benefits Republicans and their scheme to obstruct legislation Americans overwhelmingly support and desperately need.

So, instead of a robust infrastructure bill that would also bolster human infrastructure such as childcare, education, and healthcare, Sinema is ignoring all of those needs in pursuit of a watered-down version.

And the Republican senator she is apparently “proud” to be working with on this legislation is Cruz, who fled to Cancun while Texans froze to death during a winter storm in February.

Sinema is a fake Democrat who is bought and paid for by forces who want President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party to fail. They want Americans to suffer rather than see tax hikes on the wealthy. Sinema campaigned on raising the minimum wage and bringing affordable childcare to working families, yet when she has the chance to do so she refused in favor of perpetual gridlock. She’s the “Marie Antoinette” of the Senate and has only made things worse for herself by aligning with Cruz.

Twitter users burned her to the ground.

Sinema should be primaried and defeated by a true Democrat who will vote to end the filibuster and vote to pass all of the policies Sinema once convinced voters she backed. She clearly lied and now she’s working with traitors who would have stood by as a right-wing mob attempted to murder her and other lawmakers on January 6th had it not been for Capitol police officers and the general incompetence of the insurrectionists. She should be ashamed of herself.

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