QAnon Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Co.) called for the mass firing of teachers on Saturday in response to a petition signed by 5,000 teachers who refuse to cover up America’s racist history.

Republicans across the country are fear-mongering against critical race theory, which is the study of systemic racism in our institutions and laws throughout American history. The GOP has even gone so far as to pass laws in several states banning critical race theory from being taught in school.

It’s an attempt by conservatives to hide the true history of the United States as if racism and slavery never happened even though it did and still affects us to this day, with the added effect being that Americans become dumb enough to vote for Republicans.

Teachers are speaking out against this effort to whitewash American history, with 5,000 of them signing a petition saying they will refuse to comply with such bans.

Boebert, who dropped out of high school and only recently got a GED after two failed attempts, took to Twitter to attack the teachers.

This is the very “cancel culture” that Republicans like Boebert have whined about when they are held accountable for their racist behavior.

It’s an insidious attack on education in this country that must be countered and crushed. Twitter users certainly fired back.

Boebert should never have been allowed to step foot in Congress. She’s unqualified in every way to be a lawmaker, especially when it comes to education.

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