Over the weekend in Dallas, Republicans gathered for the three-day Conservative Action Political Conference (CPAC), which should have been named Lieapalooza considering all of the BS that emanated from the mouths of those who spoke to attendees.

On Sunday, former President Donald Trump was the featured attraction, claiming for the ten millionth time that the 2020 election had been stolen from him (it wasn’t) and insisting that he’d been the greatest U.S. head of state in modern history.

CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan spoke with some of the Trump faithful who were at CPAC, all of whom gladly reiterated Trump’s lies and denied that the Capitol riots that transpired on January 6 had actually been an insurrection, with O’Sullivan noting:

“Pretty much everybody we spoke to believed the election was stolen.”

O’Sullivan asked one woman:

“Do you accept he lost?”

She responded:

“I accept that on paper, things happened to make it appear that way.”

A woman carrying a Trump flag was asked:

“Do you think what happened on Jan. 6 was a stain on Trump’s presidency?”

The woman insisted Trump had never called for violence when he spoke before thousands of his supporters stormed the Capitol, leaving five people dead:

“Absolutely not. He didn’t invoke any kind of violence. He didn’t say anything — that was all just honestly ridiculous. A few people acted out, out of millions of people that attended. Well, I wouldn’t say millions, but thousands, close to a million.”

When O’Sullivan inquired of a woman what she was hoping to hear when Trump spoke, he got this reply:

“That he is going to regain his rightful seat as president.”


“In 2024?”

The woman insisted it would happen much sooner:

“No, as soon as the election is overturned for the election fraud.”

Another woman told the CNN reporter:

“It’s not called an insurrection to me. What about it was an insurrection?”

O’Sullivan told her:

“They stormed the Capitol.”

Who stormed it, the woman inquired. O’Sullivan told her, “The Trump supporters.”

But she wouldn’t accept that, telling him:

“Bullshit. I’m sorry, that’s bullshit. You don’t know who those people were.”

The woman’s friend interjected:

“Some Trump supporters were invited in. There’s video, and there’s audio. They said, ‘Come on in!””

Using that flawed logic, if you see someone robbing a store, you shouldn’t call the cops. Instead, you should consider yourself invited and join the crime in progress. It’s the American way!

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