House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) tried to drag Martin Luther King Jr. into his argument against Critical Race Theory, only to be thoroughly schooled and humiliated by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

Republicans have been desperately railing against the study of systemic racism, even by literally passing laws banning the study of America’s racist past in schools. On Monday, McCarthy went even further by invoking King and claiming that King would have opposed Critical Race Theory.

Republicans have been trying to co-opt King as one of their own for decades even though his party affiliation remains a mystery. However, King himself said he voted for Democrat Lyndon Johnson in 1964 against arch-conservative Barry Goldwater, who would likely not even be accepted by the current GOP.

They have also outright lied about his teachings while trying to gut the Voting Rights Act and Civil Rights Act, both of which King worked tirelessly for in the 1960s.

In response to McCarthy, AOC pointed out that King himself supported educating Americans, particularly white Americans, about systemic racism.

So, King would likely support Critical Race Theory and the teaching of it in every school across the country. McCarthy’s pathetic attempt to use King as a prop in the GOP’s war against shining a light on systemic racism and America’s racist past only shows that Republicans are pathetic losers who will say or do anything in their desperation to keep Americans divided and ignorant. It’s the only way their racist party and racist policies can survive.

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