Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) appeared on Fox News bright and early Tuesday morning, harshly criticizing Democratic lawmakers who left the Lone Star State Monday afternoon to prevent the Texas legislature from having enough members for a quorum as part of a special session during which Republicans will attempt to pass legislation that would severely restrict voting rights in the state.

Asked about the move by Texas Democrats, Cruz whined:

“What you’re seeing the Democrats do here is a political stunt, and I will say it’s ironic, as they were getting on their private jet to fly to Washington, D.C., they almost surely had to show identification to get on that jet. And yet they’re doing this in a fit because they don’t want mail-in ballots to be verified, they don’t want the signatures to be verified, they don’t want basic integrity steps to be strengthened in the state of Texas. This is at the end of the day politics, and they need to get back to doing their jobs.”

Passing a voter suppression bill is also “politics,” whether Cruz has the stones to admit that or not. It’s a craven attempt to disenfranchise voters of color and the poor. And it’s also blatantly anti-democratic, even going to far as to enact a provision that would allow the Texas legislature to override the will of the voters and declare a winner.

Cruz is also the wrong person to be slamming anyone for leaving Texas for personal or political reasons considering that he and his family hopped a jet to Cancun in the middle of a winter ice storm which left millions in the state without power or water.

Sen. Ted “Cancun” Hypocrite Cruz was quickly lit up on social media:

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