Fox News host Pete Hegseth got verbally destroyed Tuesday evening when he interviewed Texas state Rep. James Talarico (D) about Lone Star State Democrats leaving the state to prevent passage of voter suppression bills, and when it was over with, Hegseth abruptly ended the exchange in a desperate attempt to save face.

Talarico, the youngest legislator in Texas, was asked about the move by Texas Democrats, and he immediately let the Fox host know that he had come prepared, telling Hegseth:

“You have made a lot of money personally and you have enriched a lot of corporations with advertising by getting on here and spewing lies and conspiracy theories to folks who trust you.”

As Hegseth repeatedly tried to talk over Talarico, the Texas Democrat continued to excoriate Fox and the host, remarking:

“And so what I’m asking you to do is to tell your voters right now that Donald Trump lost the election in 2020. Can you admit that? Did you catch what I just said? Did you hear what I asked?

“Did Donald Trump lose the election in 2020? Can you answer the question? Did Donald Trump lose the election in 2020?”

Once more, Hegseth desperately tried to keep pace, incorrectly stating:

“I think I’m answering the questions,. I don’t really feel any obligation to answer anything of you.”

The Texas legislator then hit Hegseth with this:

“Is this an uncomfortable question for you?”

Hegseth could only respond, “No” before he once again resorted to attacking Talarico for leaving the state to block more voting restrictions from being passed.

As anyone with half a brain knows, Donald Trump did indeed lose to President Joe Biden. And it wasn’t even close. How did Biden win? He got more votes.

The only way Republicans can win is by cheating. That’s the reason they’re trying to rig the voting process in 48 states.

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