Capitol Police failed to arrest a single insurrectionist on January 6th, yet they had no problem arresting a black congresswoman during a peaceful protest for voting rights on Thursday.

Rep. Joyce Beatty (D-Ohio) joined a peaceful protest against Republican voter suppression laws and called for the United States Senate to pass the For The People Act to protect voting rights across the country. She was only one of what appears to be a handful of protesters, and they weren’t doing anything like trying to break into the Capitol by force or assaulting officers, or seeking to assassinate lawmakers.

Yet, Capitol Police officers arrested her and several others, which is particularly insulting since the Capitol Police didn’t arrest any insurrectionists on January 6th.

Beatty documented her arrest on Twitter and vowed to keep fighting.

Twitter users called out the hypocrisy of Capitol Police, who basically allowed former President Donald Trump’s supporters to violently ransack the Capitol and beat many of their own fellow officers damn near to death without arresting a single one of the perpetrators or using their weapons to defend the building and all the lawmakers inside that were being threatened.

Clearly, Capitol Police don’t have the right priorities. They refused to arrest Trump supporters on January 6th despite them violently storming the Capitol building plotting to murder lawmakers and overthrow democracy in an act of domestic terrorism. Furthermore, not a single Republican who aided or incited the violence has been charged. But a black congresswoman peacefully protesting in favor of voting rights is where they draw the line? Seriously?!

Officers should lose their jobs for this because it’s obvious they have no clue what it means to protect and serve.

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