On Monday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was handed a suspension from Twitter for a series of posts she made that attempted to disseminate false claims about coronavirus and vaccines.

According to The New York Times:

“Twitter said on Monday that it was suspending Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene from its service for 12 hours after she posted messages that violated its policy against sharing misleading information about the coronavirus.

“Ms. Greene, Republican of Georgia, has been an outspoken opponent of vaccines and masks as tools to curb the pandemic. In tweets on Sunday and Monday, she argued that Covid-19 was not dangerous for people unless they were obese or over age 65, and said vaccines should not be required.”

Here are the controversial tweets, which the social media platform allowed to remain but labeled as “misleading.”

Shortly after Twitter suspended her, Greene made an appearance on Newsmax, where she tried to blame others for her own fact-free tweets, Mediaite reports:

“As if I haven’t been canceled enough this past week, now Twitter has banned me for 12 hours.

“Twitter, who is playing a big part and a role with Big Tech and Facebook and the White House – apparently the Joe and the Biden administration – in censoring Americans, along with the communist cities in communist California who doesn’t [sic] believe that America first represents their values, in Anaheim or Riverside.

“We are being canceled and our speech is being canceled. And we’re being blamed for it. So you can see what’s going on. This is communism. This is communism when you have American cities canceling two members of Congress’s events at private venues.”

Here’s what Greene and so many right-wingers seem to forget: No one has a right to post whatever they want on social media. Those are privately owned and you agree to their terms of service when you create an account.

Also, just because a person is a member of Congress, that doesn’t give them a right to lie with impunity, especially when those lies involve public safety or public health.

Despite her whining, no one has canceled Rep. Greene. She canceled herself with her disgusting and erroneous tweets.

Featured Image Via NBC News