Disgraced Florida retiree Donald Trump was humiliated on Tuesday at the White House by none other than seven-time Super Bowl Champion quarterback Tom Brady.

Brady, who led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to Super Bowl victory despite having a torn MCL, appeared with his team at the White House ceremony recognizing the achievement. That’s particularly significant considering Brady skipped both ceremonies held for the Patriots at the White House after their Super Bowl victories in 2017 and 2019 when Trump was in office.

But Brady did not skip Tuesday’s visit to the White House with President Joe Biden and even mocked Trump’s election loss and the refusal among a large percentage of Republicans to acknowledge the election results.

“Not a lot of people think that we could have won,” Brady said. “In fact, I think about 40 percent of the people still don’t think we won.”

“I understand that,” Biden quipped in response.

“You understand that, Mr. President?” Brady said in another apparent shot at Trump, who still thinks he’s president.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

The Buccaneers won the Super Bowl in a 31-9 trouncing of the Kansas City Chiefs, some fans of which have complained about the refereeing during the game just as Trump supporters have complained about the election process. Trump supporters even went so far as to violently storm the Capitol in an attempt to overturn democracy.

Brady’s remarks will likely not be taken well by Trump since the two were formerly friends. Brady infamously had a MAGA hat in his locker back in 2015, resulting in backlash and criticism because Trump is a fascist who spews racism and sexism.

Brady appears to have since distanced himself from Trump. Mocking Trump at the White House and recognizing Biden as the legitimate president is likely the final straw. While Trump likely won’t return to the White House, Brady will be returning for a second season with the Buccaneers at the age of 44 to defend the title.

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