Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson dragged Rep. Eric Swalwell’s (D-Calif.) pregnant wife into his vicious smear campaign against the Democratic lawmaker, resulting in her receiving death threats.

Swalwell has been a favorite target of conservatives for quite some time now over a past relationship with a woman who turned out to be a Chinese spy. Despite Swalwell’s cooperation with the FBI, breaking off the relationship with the woman, and not giving her any of the information she sought, conservatives are still attacking him for it and insisting that he’s not fit for office. Even House Republicans have used the incident to argue that Swalwell should be stripped of his committee assignments.

Carlson, of course, has dialed the attacks on Swalwell up to an eleven on his dumpster fire of a show to the point that he smeared Swalwell’s wife Brittany. The bullying resulted in Brittany, who is pregnant with her third child, receiving death threats.

And that’s why when Carlson texted Swalwell asking him to call him, Swalwell refused.

“Tucker, I’m hesitant to do that. You falsely smeared my wife on Tuesday and she’s getting death threats,” Swalwell said. “That’s way out of bounds. She’s a pregnant mom of a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old. Hit me all you like. But to go after her. That’s just wrong.”

Indeed, Carlson accused Swalwell of funneling campaign money to his wife, a story that Fox News retracted because it’s false.

Carlson replied by calling Swalwell a “coward” and then tried phoning him, a call Swalwell ignored before posting screenshots of the exchange on Twitter.

Swalwell has every right to snub Carlson. Carlson can’t seriously expect Swalwell to want anything to do with him after the way Carlson attacked his family and unleashed conservative goons to threaten his wife with death. By all rights, Carlson should be sitting in jail right now for inciting violence and harassment as well as endangering the lives of a sitting congressman and his family.

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