President Joe Biden showed Donald Trump how to drink a glass of water with one hand to the delight of the crowd during remarks in Arlington, Virginia, on Friday.

Trump awkwardly used two hands to drink water like a toddler, leading to wide speculation that he has neurological issues or just doesn’t know how to drink from a glass like a regular human.

In fact, Trump’s trouble with drinking water from a glass is well-documented.

Of course, the notoriously thin-skinned Trump has thrown temper tantrums over the mockery and even once attempted to awkwardly drink a glass of water with one hand, which to him somehow proved a point.

On Friday, Biden drew cheers and laughter from an audience when he reached for a glass of water under his podium and proceeded to drink it with one hand like a normal person.

Twitter users couldn’t resist having a laugh at Trump’s expense.

Just think, Biden has four years’ worth of Trump fails he can use as punchlines over the next three and a half years. He’s just getting started.

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