Demands for disgraced retired General Michael Flynn saturated social media over the weekend after he accepted a rifle as an award and “joked” that he might go find someone to assassinate with it in Washington D.C.

Flynn, who served as Donald Trump’s national security advisor before being fired and prosecuted for lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russia and being an undeclared foreign agent for Turkey, endorsed a military coup to overthrow the federal government earlier this year.

In addition, Flynn urged Trump to use the military to stay in power and helped incite the Capitol insurrection in January in which Trump supporters stormed the building looking for lawmakers to murder in their quest to overthrow democracy.

There were calls for Flynn to be arrested and court-martialed then, and they are being repeated now after Flynn suggested he would use a new rifle to assassinate someone in Washington D.C., which just so happens to be where President Joe Biden resides in the White House.

Upon being presented the rifle as a gift in California, Flynn remarked “maybe I’ll go find someone in Washington, D.C.”

Filipkowski warned that the people listening to Flynn’s rhetoric are being ginned up to commit violence.

It’s a good point. Flynn certainly appears to be trying to incite violence against Biden and the Democratic majorities in Congress.

Frankly, Flynn should have been court-martialed already. He most certainly should have been arrested and put in prison. This kind of violent rhetoric puts the lives of government officials in jeopardy and definitely sounds like a threat. Flynn should be stripped of his rank and all of his benefits. It’s time for the military, Secret Service, and the FBI to act.

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