As the 1/6 Select Committee prepares to issue subpoenas to those who have information about the Capitol insurrection, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) has admitted that he spoke to Donald Trump that day.

A mob of Trump supporters violently stormed the Capitol in an attempt to overthrow democracy and may have had help from Republican lawmakers, who may have known of the coup attempt before it happened.

Jordan is one of those Republican lawmakers, and his sycophantic relationship with Trump is just one reason why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) blocked him from being part of the committee.

On Tuesday night, Jordan confirmed that he spoke to Trump on January 6th, but became evasive about the subject of their discussion. Needless to say, that’s suspicious. Instead of divulging that critical information, Jordan tried to blame Pelosi for the insurrection, which is the new Republican lie in their desperate attempt to escape accountability.

“I talked to the president. I never talk about what we talk about. I just don’t think that’s appropriate, just like I don’t talk about what happens in Republican conferences,” Jordan told Fox News. “So I talked to the president numerous times. I continue to talk to the president.”

It shouldn’t have to be pointed out, but Trump is no longer president. When pressed, Jordan admitted he talked to Trump on January 6th.

“Yes,” Jordan said. “I mean I’ve talked to the president so many — I can’t remember all the days I have talked to him, but I have certainly talked to the president.”

Again, Trump is the FORMER president.

Rather than go into details of their conversation, Jordan attacked Pelosi.

“Why didn’t the United States Capitol – the people’s house – have an appropriate security posture on that day and what have we done?” Jordan said. “The Speaker’s office is the one that knows the security posture, and why it was the way it was.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Pelosi is not in charge of the day-to-day operations of the Capitol Police, and the fact is that there should not have been a need for an overwhelming security posture in the first place unless Jordan is saying that he knew the insurrection would happen. Never before in our history has there been a violent attempt to overturn the election on the day Congress meets to formally certify the results.

Jordan should be subpoenaed and forced to testify to the committee about the details of his phone call with Trump. He should also be questioned about his other activities that day. If found to have committed perjury or to have taken part in the insurrection, he should be prosecuted and expelled from Congress.

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