Just hours after police officers who were at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 testified before a House Select Committee, Fox News host Tucker Carlson berated and mocked those officers, claiming that they exaggerated and lied about the physical and emotional wounds they received when pro-Trump protesters attacked them.

According to The Daily Beast, Carlson — who has said in the past that the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection was nothing more than a “political protest that got out of hand” — began his disgusting smear job by saying that Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn flat-out lied that Officer Brian Sicknick died of injuries he received, and then turned his derision on Sgt. Aquilino Gonell, who served with honor in Iraq and said he was “more afraid” on Jan. than he’d been during his deployment in the Middle East:

“When they lie and they don’t stop lying, when they compare it to the Civil War or 9/11, they make us all very cynical and make us suspect that they are lying all the time. Because actually what happened on January 6, according to video, did not look a lot like Iraq. It’s not Fallujah.”

But the most disgusting of Carlson’s remarks were directed at Officer Michael Fanone, who said Tuesday he hoped the committee would investigate any lawmakers who might have cooperated with the rioters. To that, Carlson snarled:

“OK, so you’re looking for the real threat from January 6 that happened after the fact? It’s statements like that, it’s claims like that, it’s changes in policies like that, it’s the deep politicization of law enforcement that has become normal after January 6, and that just proves that right there.”

So a talking head at Fox is allowed to have a political point of view and an opinion, but a police officer isn’t? Nice double standard you got there, Tuck.

Carlson also mocked Fanone for admitting that he’d “been left with psychological trauma and emotional anxiety after having survived such a horrific event,” and was still suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD):

“What is interesting is Michael Fanone didn’t mention experiencing any trauma during the time he spent last year on the D.C. police force. It was just last summer that rioters in Washington torched the oldest Episcopal church in the city just steps from the White House. Dozens of police officers were injured that day.”

Of course, what Tucker Carlson forgot to mention is that he doesn’t have enough guts to do the job the officers who testified Tuesday do each and every day of their lives. He’s a spoiled rich kid who has never had to actually work a day in his life and gets paid to trash real heroes instead of thanking them for their service.

Over the weekend, a man approached Carlson at a store in Montana and called him the “worst human known to mankind.” On Tuesday, the Fox host proved that man to be right.

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