Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) embarrassed herself during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday when she repeatedly attempted to smear the 1/6 Select Committee.

Collins is known for coddling disgraced Florida retiree Donald Trump. After all, she voted to acquit him in his first impeachment and went on to defend her vote by claiming Trump learned his lesson. As we all know, Trump would behave even worse by attempting to overthrow democracy.

During an appearance on CNN, she continued coddling Trump by attacking the 1/6 Select Committee investigation of the Capitol insurrection.

“I fought very hard to have an independent, bipartisan, non-partisan outside commission to look at all of the events of that day and I’m very disappointed that it was not approved,” Collins said. “I think it would have had far more credibility than Speaker Pelosi’s partisan committee that she has set up but we should have had a 9/11 style commission to fully look at what happened.”

In fact, Pelosi appointed two Republicans to the committee— Reps. Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming) and Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) both of whom voted to certify the 2020 Election results in defiance of Trump’s demands.

Tapper pointed that out and more.

“Yeah, uh, Mitch McConnell opposed it and that’s why it didn’t happen,” he noted. “There are two Republicans on the committee, [Rep. Liz] Cheney and [Rep. Adam] Kinzinger. Do you have faith in them?”

It should also be pointed out that Collins threatened to vote against the 1/6 commission before she ultimately voted for it. So, she didn’t really fight “hard” for it.

In response to Tapper, Collins whined about Pelosi’s decision to appoint the two Republicans.

“I respect both of them but I do not think it was right for the speaker to decide which Republicans should be on the committee — normally you have a select committee, the minority leader and the speaker get to pick the members,” she said.

Except Pelosi has the power via the resolution to appoint anyone she wants, including Republicans. She also has the power to veto appointments. And she was fully prepared to accept the nominations of three of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif.) picks. But McCarthy withdrew all of his picks because Pelosi rejected the other two, Reps. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who both made it clear they intend to undermine the committee. Jordan himself is also a material witness, as Tapper informed Collins.

“Yeah, I mean, just — the reason she did that is because at least two of the members McCarthy picked to be on the committee are election liars,” Tapper said. “Jim Jordan is possibly a material witness. He spoke with Trump that day.”

Collins then tried to shrug off Jordan’s complicity and accidentally demonstrated why an investigation is necessary.

“There were many communications with President Trump that day,” she said. “Look, as you know, I believe that he — that while the rioters are primarily responsible for what happened, there’s no doubt in my mind that President Trump helped instigate and motivate the rioters and that’s one reason I voted to impeach him. The hallmark of our democracy is the peaceful transfer of power, and for anyone, the rioters, the president, anyone to try to interfere with the electoral college count is completely unacceptable.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Collins never should have won her race for re-election last year. Maine voters made a mistake sending this wishy-washy woman back to Congress. The 1/6 Committee is bipartisan and could have had more Republicans on it if McCarthy had not decided to throw a temper tantrum. But even he is a witness because he spoke to Trump during the insurrection. He could even be complicit with it. This investigation needs to be conducted with Republicans who did not vote against certifying the election and who are not Trump lackeys. Frankly, Collins is not even one of those Republicans because she helped Trump escape impeachment. Had Republicans impeached Trump the first time when they had a chance, there likely would not have been an insurrection because Pence would have been president instead. So, Republicans only have themselves to blame for the predicament they are in now.

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