Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) credited the COVID vaccine for limiting the severity of his symptoms after he contracted coronavirus, but failed to strongly urge conservatives to get vaccinated.

Graham reportedly contracted the virus, which has killed over 620,000 Americans, during a gathering on Senator Joe Manchin’s (D-W.V.) boat, where the two were likely high-fiving each other for successfully blocking voting rights legislation because Manchin refuses to support ending the filibuster.

Graham announced his diagnosis on Twitter.

He then praised the vaccine for preventing his symptoms from becoming more severe.

But he failed to strongly urge his constituents and fellow Republicans to get vaccinated, which is irresponsible considering the Delta variant of the virus has exploded across the country due to the wreckless anti-mask and anti-vaxxer wing of his party.

Graham should be doing more in the wake of his positive test and admittance that it could be worse without the vaccine. And Americans made sure he knows how they feel.

Graham should be firmly in the pro-mask and pro-vaccine camp right now, and he should be out there telling everyone to get vaccinated so they are protected from the worst of the virus as well.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons