President Joe Biden honored the police officers who defended the Capitol and democracy during the insurrection on January 6th, all while bringing the hammer down on Republican attempts to rewrite history.

On Thursday, Biden signed a bill awarding every police officer who answered the call of duty that day a Congressional gold medal for their service and sacrifice. The legislation overwhelmingly passed the House, but 21 Republicans opposed the measure, demonstrating that the GOP’s claim that they “back the blue” is false.

Officers were brutally attacked by Trump supporters during the insurrection with the goal of overthrowing democracy and assassinating any lawmakers they could find.

Thanks to these officers, not a single lawmaker lost their life and the 2020 Election results were certified. Now the insurrection is being investigated by the 1/6 Select Committee, which is also working to determine if any Republican lawmakers were in on the attack.

Republicans are certainly desperate to undermine the investigation, which they are trying to do by engaging in revisionist history and portraying the violent attack as a peaceful act of tourism.

Biden condemned the GOP spin.

“A mob of extremists and terrorists launched a violent and deadly assault on the People’s House and the sacred ritual to certify a free and fair election,” Biden said after pointing out that insurrectionists had not breached the Capitol during the Civil War, but did on January 6th.

“It wasn’t dissent. It wasn’t debate. It wasn’t democracy. It was insurrection,” Biden continued. “It was riot and mayhem. It was radical and chaotic. And it was unconstitutional. And maybe most important, it was fundamentally un-American — an existential threat and a test of whether our democracy could survive, whether it could overcome lies and overcome the fury of a few who were seeking to thwart the will of the many.”

“My fellow Americans, let’s remember what this was all about,” Biden concluded. “It was a violent attempt to overturn the will of the American people; to seek power at all costs; to replace the ballot with brute force; to destroy, not to build.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Americans not only must continue showing up to the ballot box every election to defend democracy against Republicans who want to destroy it but those Republicans who planned or aided the insurrectionists must also be prosecuted.

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