Former President Barack Obama has not been in office for over four years now, yet Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) ignorantly attacked him in a tweet that backfired.

Republicans are vehemently anti-mask and anti-vaccine, and because that message is falling on deaf ears and hurting them in the polls, they are trying to paint Democrats as hypocrites in any way they can even if it’s a desperate play.

Such was the case on Monday when Jordan complained about Obama’s birthday celebration. Jordan complained that Obama was not wearing a mask at the event and whined that there are different rules for kids at school, suggesting that Democrats don’t follow the rules but expect everyone else to do so.

The problem is that Obama has been vaccinated and he requested that everyone in attendance is vaccinated. Furthermore, the event was held outdoors and negative COVID tests were confirmed at the gate.

Jordan’s attack is also hypocritical since opposing masks in school is the real danger to children, who are being infected by the Delta strain of the virus. Some have died. Children under 12 cannot be vaccinated yet, leaving them vulnerable to the virus. That’s why they need to wear masks.

In addition, Jordan has been accused of turning his back on former students who were molested under his watch as a wrestling coach prior to his political career. So he’s not qualified to talk about protecting students.

Twitter users buried him in response.

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