Disgraced Florida retiree Donald Trump did not get the reaction he hoped for when he asked Americans if they miss him yet.

It’s safe to say that Americans have been enjoying the competence and relative quiet coming from the White House and are most certainly sleeping better knowing that there won’t be late-night or morning Twitter tantrums to wake up to.

As far as policy is concerned, President Joe Biden has managed to deliver financial aid to struggling families, has tackled the coronavirus pandemic head-on, and recently signed a major infrastructure package into law.

But in a statement released through what appears to be a surrogate Twitter account that should be banned immediately, because he is banned from posting on the platform himself after repeatedly violating the terms of service and inciting a violent insurrection, Trump cherry-picked some issues, both real and imagined, to rant about before asking “Do you miss me yet?” in ALL-CAPS.

“Tragic mess in Afghanistan, a completely open and broken Border, Crime at record levels, oil prices through the roof, inflation rising, and taken advantage of by the entire world—DO YOU MISS ME YET?” Trump said.

Of course, Trump is the one who created the “tragic mess” in Afghanistan by opening negotiations with the Taliban and announcing a troop withdrawal. Biden simply understands that Afghanistan is now a lost cause and has decided to end our presence there rather than waste money and resources on a war that has lasted far too long.

Trump also created the border situation, which Biden has been improving since taking office.

As for the crime rate, some of that can be attributed to the country reopening after months in lockdown due to the pandemic. A lot of the crimes are also being committed by his own supporters.

Biden has nothing to do with oil prices, which are determined via supply and demand. In addition, the world is not taking advantage of us, we are merely rejoining the international community and reestablishing ties with our allies that Trump had weakened. We’re certainly not being taken advantage of by Russia as Trump had been over the last four years.

As for whether Americans miss him, the consensus is a collective nope. They also reminded him why he isn’t missed.

Friday also happens to be the day Trump’s hardcore supporters believe he’ll be reinstated as president. They are going to be disappointed to learn that Trump still lost the 2020 election and Biden will remain president.

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