Reverting to typical Republican form, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) blamed President Joe Biden and his predecessor, Donald Trump, for the “calamity” taking place in Afghanistan, where the Taliban is on the verge of taking control of the country’s capital city, Kabul.

Posting on Twitter, Cheney made it sound like the morass in the Middle East was all someone else’s fault, despite the fact that both Afghanistan and Iraq were invaded by the U.S. military while her father was serving as vice president to former President George W. Bush.

And yet, Ms. Cheney conveniently neglected to mention her father’s role in the situation we now see unfolding in Afghanistan, Newsweek notes:

“The withdrawal has received bipartisan criticism due to documented Taliban gainsdelays in granting visas to translators who assisted U.S. troops, and other criticisms related to the initial decision to invade — and it wasn’t Cheney’s comments that were under fire as much as her not acknowledging her father’s role in creating the situation in the first place.”

Yes, Afghanistan is a mess. But it’s been that way for centuries, and the country was further destabilized by the invasion and occupation that was carried out during the Bush-Cheney administration, all in the name of a nebulous “war on terrorism” that did little to actually stabilize the country or region, as had been promised in the lead up to war.

Cheney was slammed on Twitter:

Liz Cheney really needs to sit this one out unless she’s ready to place some of the blame on her old man.

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