Former White House propagandist Kayleigh McEnany accused President Joe Biden of letting “terrorists” seize Afghanistan, only to be informed that she just accidentally admitted that her former boss negotiated with terrorists.

The Taliban took control of Afghanistan this week as American troops withdrew from the country after 20 years of war. Republicans immediately rushed to blame Biden for the chaos even though disgraced Florida retiree Donald Trump is the one who negotiated the withdrawal with the Taliban. In addition, Trump secured the release of 5,000 Taliban fighters and the current Taliban leader who has been installed in the presidential palace.

Make no mistake, Trump is directly to blame for the mess in Afghanistan.

But McEnany, who is known for repeatedly lying to the American people as press secretary, accused Biden of letting “terrorists” take over Afghanistan.

These are all lies. Biden has not left anyone behind and is continuing evacuation efforts. He also spoke with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson earlier this week and spoke directly to the American people. Also, McEnany would not know about Biden’s phone calls and actions behind the scenes since she is no longer privy to that information. We can certainly assume Biden was working since he definitely wasn’t on a golf course.

As for her accusation that he let terrorists seize the country, many Twitter users pointed out that Trump wanted to meet with these terrorists at Camp David on the anniversary of 9/11. They also noted that Trump abandoned our Kurdish allies in Syria. Speaking of terrorists, Trump also incited a domestic terrorist attack against the United States Capitol on January 6th in a scheme to overthrow democracy.

Basically, McEnany just admitted that Trump negotiated with terrorists, a cardinal sin that should automatically disqualify him from ever seeking office again. And as his former press secretary, McEnany herself should bear this shame as well.

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