Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is in hot water yet again after posting a video in which she attacked President Joe Biden and referred to him as a “piece of shit.”

The video, which was posted on the right-wing, pro-Trump social media site Gettr, features Greene in a gym. She looks directly into the camera and declares:

“Joe Biden, you’re not a president, you’re a piece of shit. Thousands of American are stuck over there in Afghanistan, and you’re letting the Taliban kick your ass, while you’re lecturing governors about masks and vaccines. Do your job, bring these Americans home.”

It should be noted that Greene is one of just 16 Republicans in Congress to vote against increasing the number of visas for Afghans who assisted U.S. military forces over the past 20 years. And the withdrawal of American troops was begun during Trump administration, and yet Greene isn’t placing any blame on the failed, one-term former president.

Reaction to Greene’s hateful video posting was almost universally negative, with one person referring to her as an “irredeemable psychopath.”

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