Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) says he will personally lead the charge to have President Joe Biden impeached if a single American or Afghan ally is left in Afghanistan.

Appearing on Fox News, Graham declared:

“We’re duty-bound to get every American citizen out, we’re honor-bound to get those Afghans who fought along our side out.

“If we leave one American behind, if we don’t get all those Afghans who stepped up to the plate to help us out, then Joe Biden, in my view, has committed a high crime and misdemeanor under the Constitution and should be impeached.”

Those are strong words, especially when you consider they’re coming from a man who refused to impeach former President Donald Trump on TWO separate occasions. Graham voted against impeaching Trump for the Ukraine extortion fiasco and also gave the Donald a pass on inciting the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

Also, the sudden removal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan was put into motion by Trump, not Biden. Back in May of 2020, Trump sent then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to meet with a Taliban delegation in Doha, Qatar, and made it clear the U.S. would no longer remain in the country after being there for 20 years.

Chris Cillizza notes on

“So, the two impeachments of Trump were purely partisan and driven by hatred of Trump, but Graham’s call for Biden to be impeached unless every single Afghan who helped the US over two decades is successfully extricated from the country is totally justified?
“I mean, come on.”
That was the sentiment expressed on Twitter, too, where people called Graham out for his hypocrisy:

Sit down, Lindsey. Your hypocrisy is showing.

Featured Image Via NBC News