A United States District Judge in Michigan has slapped sanctions against pro-Trump lawyers for filing frivolous lawsuits to overturn the 2020 Election.

Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and several other attorneys were taken to the woodshed by Judge Linda Parker in a 110-page decision blasting their repeated court filings after the November election, which President Joe Biden won by over 7 million votes, and for failing to provide any real evidence of their election fraud allegations.

Parker scolded the lawyers for abusing the judicial system in a scheme to keep Trump in power by undermining faith in democracy.

“This lawsuit represents a historic and profound abuse of the judicial process,” Judge Parker wrote. “It is one thing to take on the charge of vindicating rights associated with an allegedly fraudulent election. It is another to take on the charge of deceiving a federal court and the American people into believing that rights were infringed, without regard to whether any laws or rights were in fact violated. This is what happened here.”

“Individuals may have a right — within certain bounds — to disseminate allegations of fraud unsupported by law or fact in the public sphere,” Parker continued. “But attorneys cannot exploit their privilege and access to the judicial process to do the same. This case was never about fraud. It was about undermining the people’s faith in our democracy and debasing the judicial process to do so.”

Parker noted that the lawyers “planned to challenge the legitimacy of the election if and only if Former President Trump lost” the race, which is true because Trump himself repeatedly declared that he would refuse to concede defeat and claimed that the election was rigged even before the election took place.

Trump laid the groundwork for these corrupt lawyers to file their lawsuits in several states, including Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada. Over 60 lawsuits were filed, and all of them were dismissed because there was no evidence of fraud provided to the court.

In the end, the court ordered sanctions against the lawyers, including fines and fees, possible suspension and disbarment in every state where the lawyers are allowed to practice, and “mandatory
continuing legal education in the subjects of pleading standards and election law.”

Frivolous “Kraken” lawsuits deserve Kraken consequences.

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